Sponsor, Partner & Vendor Policies

  • Items displayed at Display table (booth) must be consistent with the description submitted on the online form (see Description of Organization/Product/Service section).
  • Display table locations are not to be changed. Placement is at the sole discretion of the committee.
  • Sponsors and Vendors with Display table(s) must be present for the entire event, Saturday, October 22nd, 8:00am EST - 12:00pm EST.
  • Each Sponsor or Vendor is responsible to pay their own Georgia State Tax on all sales.  Georgia State Tax in Gwinnett County, Georgia is 6%.

Display Table Set-Up

  • Display table (booth) areas are 10 x 10 or 20 x 10.  You are not assured any space outside of your area.
  • You must unload any vehicle(s) and immediately move to the designated parking area before setting up.
  • Due to the outside environment, electricity will be limited.  Please advise Right to Hike once you're contacted after the application process.
  • You must supply your own tent, tables, chairs, display racks, etc.
  • Any and/or all displays must not extend the area provided.
  • No audio advertising or music permitted.

Display Table Breakdown

  • You shall not begin the breakdown process until the end-of-show at 12:00pm EST.
  • You shall not drive any vehicle(s) into the festival/runners/participant area(s) until your area is completely broken down.
  • You are responsible for maintaining and leaving your assigned area in good condition and free of litter.

Security and Insurance

Security will be provided during event hours only.  However, by completing the online application and payment form, Right to Hike, Inc., and Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center shall in no way be held responsible for any injury, theft or damage(s) to merchandise or personal property while setting up, participating in or breaking down.

Interpretation and Violation

Any points not covered elsewhere are subject to settlement by the Ella's Run Committee.  Any violation of these policies, rules and regulations by a sponsor, partner and/or vendor may void the agreement for Display Table Space (area) and such sponsor, partner and/or vendor shall forfeit all monies that have been paid.  Right to Hike, Inc., reserves the right to terminate the agreement for Display Table Space (area) without written notice.

Cancellations and Refunds

There are no refunds of any kind to the following Sponsor and Partner Levels:

  • Presenting Sponsor
  • Finish Line Sponsor
  • Media Sponsor
  • Gold Sponsor
  • Signage Sponsor
  • Award Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
  • Fitness Sponsor
  • Runner's Best Friend Sponsor
  • Bronze Sponsor
  • Race Partner

Table Sponsors (VENDORS) have until Friday, October 14th, 5:00pm EST, to provide email or phone notification of cancellation for a refund to be approved.

Application Signature

By completing the online application and payment form, you fully agree to abide by all the rules and regulations accompanying this application.  You agree to hold Right to Hike, Inc., and Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center free from any and all claims and liability relating to injury, damages, or theft caused to persons or property while occupied under this Contract (receipt of payment notification).